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Rethinking our food system

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Today about one third of the food produced globally is wasted.

Most of this waste occurs at the final stage of the supply chain. More specifically, at consumption level.

In our homes we throw away about 11% of it.

Sources: UNEP, Eurostat

All the food produced and never consumed would be enough to feed two billion people, more than double the number of undernourished people.

Source: WFP

But also at the production level we have a problem: one third of greenhouse gas emissions come from food production.
Our food system is broken.

Source: Nature Food

In our communities, however, there are already many solutions that reduce the impact of our food system: from production to waste.

credits: Alberto Martin for ActionAid Italy

To find solutions that reduce the environmental impact of our food supply chain, it is crucial to share ideas. In doing so, bottom up changes start spreading.

credits: Rede DLBC Lisboa

Food Wave’s roots go back to 2014 when the mayor of Milan launched an international network to address food issues at the urban level

In 2015 the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact was born. This is a protocol signed by more than 100 cities worldwide.

Since then, some 270 cities have taken part in the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact.

credits: City of Bruges

More than 600 practices were presented by cities around the world on the themes of the MUFPP. The aim is reducing the climate impact of the food supply chain by spreading good local practices.

credits: City of Milan

Food Wave was released in the implementation of the Food Policy of the Municipality of Milan thanks to the support of the European Commission

Credits: Alberto Martin for ActionAid Italy
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