The tour of Will Media

Will Meets

Live meetings to meet our community all over Italy

What is Will Meets

In the spirit of our community-centered editorial strategy, in Summer 2021 we launched Will Meets, a country-wide listening tour to meet our audience in person and strengthen our relationship with our audience. Within the framework of the “Will Meets” project, our team travelled for 40 days across Italy, covering 5,000 km South to North, both in cities and small villages.

Our purpose: to get out of the social bubble, to meet and activate our community, to build the most inclusive editorial plan possible.


Getting out of the social bubble and listening to the people, paying attention to their concerns and perceptions.


Involving our community in service activities to the local communities, in partnership with local and activists.


Raising awareness about the generational challenges that we face and their impact on the places we traveled across, as well as reporting on the journey, the public events, and the activities carried out.

Community building

This project represented an unparalleled opportunity to build a better and more fruitful relationship with our audience. It showed people in our community that we care about their perspectives.

Unfiltered feedback

In time, the project proved to be a unique asset in shaping our editorial strategy, based on what people in our community told us they wanted us to focus on more.


Will Meets allowed us to put into practice the values we share with our community and took the step from awareness to activism, generating a concrete impact